The Future of Northwestern Ontario Conference


Common Voice Northwest Fall Conference – Conference Presentation Overview

The Future of Northwestern Ontario

….Be Part of Creating the Solution


You’ve read or heard the dire headlines across the Northwest warning us that our population is not growing and that in some cases its shrinking. But what’s beyond the headlines? What does it mean for your community if you lose 10% or more of your population? What businesses won’t be able to open their doors because they don’t have enough staff? How many more schools will close, and how many kids will have to leave town just to get a high school diploma that meets their needs? How will municipalities pay for the existing infrastructure (roads, sewers, waterlines, parks etc.) with more vacant homes and less property taxes?

With projections of the Northwest losing over 50,000 people over the next 25 years, we need to take action to reverse this trend. And how do we staff the 20-25 mines that may come into operation in that same period? How much of the shortfall can the growing Indigenous population fill? Do we need a new in-migration program from elsewhere?


The following presentations were delivered at the Common Voice Northwest Conference on September 23rd, 2016:

Opening NPI Presentation:

Families and Communities Presentation:

Indigenous Presentation:

Migration Presentation:

Workforce Planning Overview Presentation: